S. Korotkiy (Ka-Dar obs., Moscow), T. Kryachko and B.Satovskiy
(Astrotel obs., KSU) report the discovery of an apparent supernova
(mag approximately 21.0) on five unfiltered images with
exposure 300 sec (lim mag 21.5) taken on Sep. 17.95 UT with the
Takahashi FRC-300 reflector (D=300mm, F=2330mm) + CCD Apogee Alta U9000 at
Kazan State University Astrotel observatory (Karachay-Cherkessia,
Russia, MPCCOD: 114). The new object is located at R.A. =
01h50m05s.29 +/- 0″.1, Decl. = +25d25′30″.5 +/- 0″.1 (equinox
2000.0), which is about 18″.8 east and 1″.4 south of the center of
the galaxy 2MASX J01500390+2525323. Nothing is visible at this
position on a Palomar Sky Survey (POSS-II Blue) obtained 1988-10-07
(via the Digitized Sky Survey; limiting mag 21.5). In
MPChecker no asteroids.